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Pellowah (Radical Shift in Consciousness)

What can Pellowah do for me?

Pellowah helps with overcoming the road blocks of fear, self doubt, anxiety and depression, and many are drawn to this modality of healing when they are at a crossroads in their lives, perhaps confused about what direction they are moving in.

Receiving the Pellowah energy can bring a new expanded perception and a more objective understanding and outlook on life.


Pellowah unblocks and aligns the meridians, helping to calm the emotions, and bring about a greater feeling of  inner peace,

inner confidence and inner strength making you feel stronger and brighter from the inside out.


Pellowah can help you to feel less attached to life's dramas, and leave you feeling free and more empowered, with a greater sense of inner confidence and strength.

There is a feeling of renewed flow and centredness as well as a greater sense of peace within themselves, realizing that all things are possible.

Importantly, through this we are able to make choices which take us to greater heights and levels in our life, thus creating changes in a positive, uplifting way. This happens to such an extent that the ‘new you’ becomes your ‘normal’.


What happens during a Pellowah Treatment?

Pellowah works within the energy of the client and is completely hands off.

As Pellowah is the transmission of energy in its purest form, it requires a quiet and clear space, with no music, oils or incense etc. that might interfere with its vibration.

Clients are fully clothed and have closed eyes throughout the session.

Unlike many other therapies, there is no discussion during or after the session, in order to maintain the integrity of the Pellowah energy.


A typical Pellowah transmission will last from 45 – 60 minutes, though the energy may continue its work for days and weeks following a session. for more info see 

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